Ushering in the era of scientific evidence-based Ayurveda

  • Scientific research is crucial for the acceptability of any science. While the power of Ayurvedic wisdom is widely known, objective evidence of Ayurvedic principles is crucial for scientific credibility and acceptance.

  • Atreya believes that research with Nadi Tarangini is an important step in this direction. Nadi Tarangini has been built over 13 years of robust research, where a team of Ayurvedic doctors and computer scientists have worked together to build a new evidence-based system in Ayurveda.

Data patterns of more than 25,000 subjects have been collected to extract 15 Ayurvedic parameters in the above manner from complex patterns. The process of optimization and extraction of new parameters (sub-doshas, dhatus, gunas) is in progress.

Nadi Tarangini Research Papers

We have collaborated with esteemed doctors/ clinics/ institutions to provide objective evidence in research through Nadi Tarangini. 5 research papers have been published (and more are under review) in the past one year (2016-17).

     Past research papers from Phd. tenure on which Nadi Tarangini is based