About Us

Nadi Tarangini is an all-Indian endeavour, as any advance in Ayurveda should be. This breakthrough comes to you from Atreya Innovations, a Pune-based pioneer in scientific research-based Ayurveda . Our vision is to enhance Ayurveda’s acceptance across the world by blending ancient science with cutting-edge technology.

The company has successfully raised seed funding from second-generation Indian entrepreneurs-turned-investors, and is set for the next phase of growth and expansion.

Vision of Nadi Tarangini
  • Dr. Aniruddha's PhD on Pluse diagnosis began in IIT Bombay

  • Pressure sensors to capture Nadi accurately + patented air gap were developed

  • Development of the 3 pressure sensor system. Data of 500 patients captured

  • CSIR grant, 10 research papers published, PhD. thesis submitted and accepted

  • First prototype came into being. Data collected and validated with 20 medical experts.

  • Participation in WAC 2014. Atreya Innovations- the company was born

  • Second prototype which not only captured the Nadi signals but also displayed them in real time

  • Final product ready. Nadi Tarangini was formally launched in WAC 2016.

No. of collaborating doctors providing research inputs

Our Team





  • Tejaswini Bhale

  • Mangesh Desai

  • Vishwas Jategaonkar

  • Mahendra Pate